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We would like to draw your attention to our range of products related to making and wearing false eyelashes, which was created with the primary consideration of not being tested on animals, containing natural ingredients, being developed in Hungary.

The newest member of the PURE LASH product family is an EYELASH GROWTH SERUM that contains only natural vegan ingredients. 

In addition to professional users (mainly false eyelash stylists, make-up artists, beauticians), OUR EYELASH SHAMPOO-REMOVER is intended for ladies who wear false eyelashes and want to clean them properly as part of home care. Two fragrances are available: odorless and green tea,  in different packaging. 

We recommend the third member of the PURE LASH family the PRIMER, specifically for eyelash stylists, as this product is especially important in the preparation of your own lashes before applying eyelashes. 

One of the most important demands of today's modern cosmetics industry is NATURAL, get to know the new world of primers and eyelash shampoos.