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Affiliate partner program

PURE LASH Affiliate Partner Program

Do you want to promote Pure Lash products in your shop, salon or web store? Do you like to present products through your blog? You have been recommending the products of the well-known beauty industry catalogs to your environment for a long time and you would expand your offer. We have a super opportunity for you!
Join our affiliate program free of charge and for free! NOT in an MLM system!

In order to work together you will need to register on the Dognet network. Through this platform, you can track the traffic you generate and the commissions you earn transparently and transparently.

Join our reseller partner program free of charge and for free! NOT in an MLM system!

Steps to join:
1. Registration in the Dognet network via this link: https://www.dognet.hu/kampanyok/purelash-hu/
Registration is free and takes a few minutes. (Only accountable individuals with a Community Tax ID can participate in campaigns)
2. The registration will be reviewed within 48 hours. Once approved, it is possible to join the Pure Lash affiliate campaign
3. You can then share your own link with your followers and readers.
For every purchase that arrives through your link, you will receive a commission. You can track clicks and purchases on the Dognet Affiliate portal, so you can check at any time of the day how many purchases have been made = how much commission you have accrued.
4. Dognet will transfer your commission to the account number you provide against an invoice issued.

Why recommend Pure Lash products?

When creating the Pure Lash product family, the primary consideration was not to test on animals, to contain natural ingredients, with domestic development and to be made under domestic, controlled workshop conditions.
Our products have all valid domestic licenses and documents and are labeled in Hungarian in accordance with commercial legislation. 

PURE LASH products do not contain:

❎Artificial dye
❎Artificial fragrance
❎Harmful preservatives
❎Palm oil
❎Carnauba wax

In Hungary, we deliver the purchased products within 2 days in accordance with the chosen delivery method. Your customers can choose the one that suits them best from a variety of shipping and payment methods.
You have no choice but to recommend our products!

Benefits of the Pure Lash Partner Program:
- Different commission levels per product; Between 20-30%.
- A professional affiliate system where you can accurately track the performance of your campaigns.
- Personalized affiliate link that belongs only to you.
- We also provide demonstration education, information materials and samples about our products. We help you with everything in person and online.
- Many content elements can be downloaded from our online interface in the form of images and text, which you are free to share on your interfaces.
- In addition to the link, you will also receive a coupon code with various discounts, which change every month.

When can you connect to the system?
- You're 18 years old
- You are accountable (otherwise you will not be able to register in the Dognet network)
- You have a surface or audience where you can promote Pure Lash products.



Do you have any questions? Use the form below to contact us and we will help you with everything! Contact us even if you are not accountable but would like to work with us!