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For influencer

Are you an adventurous influencer who loves to try and recommend all the novelties? Do you have a blog where you like to present interesting products?

If you would like to officially become a PURE LASH brand ambassador, apply by filling out the questionnaire below. If you don’t already have a large follower base, but you think you’d like to represent the brand among your friends, we’ll give you a coupon code that entitles you to a 10% discount that you can share on your social media platforms. The most successful coupon holders can look forward to further collaboration later as Pure Lash Brand Ambassador!

After reviewing the questionnaires received and accepting the registration, we will register in our influencer database and notify you by e-mail.

If your registration has been approved, we will send you a PURE LASH package, for which we ask you to:

- Display your unique coupon code in the description of each social media post.

- Capture a minimum of 2 videos with any product in the PURE LASH package. Please send these videos to us at info@purelash.hu. We publish the videos you make on our online interfaces and mark them as sources.

- Take 5 pictures of the products of the PURE LASH package. Please send these pictures to us at info@purelash.hu. The photos you take will be published on our online interfaces and marked as a source on them.

- Share images / videos of PURE LASH products on your social media pages. Please use the #purelash cosmetics, #purelash eyelash shampoo and # purelash eyelash growth hashtags in all posts, and also mark our instagram page using @purelash cosmetics.

Matching photos and videos before release is always a must!

If you want to earn income as an ambassador of Pure Lash, we recommend our Affiliate program to you: https://www.purelash.hu/en/Affiliate