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For resellers


Dear Future Partner,
I present to you our PURE LASH product range. Our work is about false eyelash wear: production and beauty products linked to it. At the creation process, it was essential for us to rule out animal testing on this product. We wanted to create a merchandise that has 100% natural ingredients, and we also wanted to have this product developed and produced in local and well-controlled workshop conditions in Hungary.

Our customers who purchase our products for resale can purchase them at a discounted, resale price after registration. You can start the process by entering the exact data.

IMPORTANT: Completing the registration is not the same as gaining reseller status.

In order to be a full-fledged reseller of our company, after receiving the registration, we process the data and, if eligible, register it as a reseller partner.

We offer to our partners:
- Discounted resale price or commission, and additional sales-dependent discounts
- Premium quality handmade natural products
- Continuous marketing support (consulting, product presentation, flyer, product sample)
- Appearance on our website, introduction on our social media (Facebook, Instagram)