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Eyelash shampoo fragrance free

PURE LASH fragrance-free shampoo gently removes make-up from your lashes. You can use it on both artificial and natural lashes if you want to completely wipe off your non-waterproof spiral. It’s just a flick for you, and your gaze appreciates the care.

Why do we recommend PURE LASH make-up remover especially for those who wear false eyelashes?
Because it allows you to achieve thorough cleaning. Is this really important? Yes, because without this, the application will not be durable. If you work in the profession, you would surely be glad if your guests would come back to you regularly and with pleasure - not because of their constantly lingering lashes. The make-up residue does not provide a beautiful appearance, and there is a risk of infection.

If you don’t like aromatic and greasy eyeshadow removers, the fragrance-free PURE LASH product has been invented for you. This 2 in 1 shampoo and makeup remover is made from natural, organic ingredients. It is oil-free and excellent for sensitive eyes also. Vegan and dye-free, recommended for both home and professional use. You can also apply it with a foamer or by dripping it on a cotton swab alone.

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